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Joe Gallivan / P. Y. Caplin.

mla comprising Joe Gallivan and P. Y. Caplin (formally Tony Moore)

The idea of MLA manifested itself, then became concrete in order to fulfil the mutual musical vision of Gallivan and Caplin. That is, one of producing a comprehensive and unique musical language, a language inclusive of a multitude of different improvisational, rhythmic and compositional techniques from the orthodox to the ‘avant garde’ using Gallivan‘s moog synthesized and electronic percussion, against Caplin’s N/S Design 6-string electronic cello, Overwater Elite 6-string fretless bass gutar and continuo parts electronique.

This instrumentation in and of itself encompass an extraordinarily rich and diverse range of harmonic and rhythmic vocabularies which Gallivan and Caplin mould into a series of quite unique virtuosic musical soundscapes. These events stimulate the intellect and emotions and produce work of great originality and exceptional power.

Gallivan/Caplin. (2010)

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